Advanced Open Water Diver

Five Dives.

No Exams.

Pure Fun.

That's the Advanced Open Water course. It's five dives you do with your instructor to get more experience, learn about different aspects of diving, and most of all, HAVE FUN.

You'll do a deep dive, polish your compass skills (don't worry, we'll give you a refresher!), and three more dives you and your instructor will select from our list of specialty courses.

Even better, each of your five dives counts as dive one towards the same Specialty Course. As an example, the Peak Performance Specialty course requires two dives. If you choose Peak Performance Buoyancy as one of your five dives for your Advanced Open Water course, you're already half done with the Specialty course, putting you even closer to the coveted Master Scuba Diver rating!

Email us for more information on scheduling an Advanced Open Water Diver course to suit your needs and schedule!