Assistant Instructor

Already a Divemaster, and ready for the next challenge?

An Assistant Instructor (AI) is the right hand of the SCUBA Instructor. The AI can evaluate surface skills for the Instructor, teach classroom sessions, teach some PADI specialty courses, and present skills in pool sessions. An AI can go a very long way in making classes smoother and more rewarding for students.

You'll build on your Divemaster skills and focus on how to teach, which many students have told us has been very valuable for them even outside of SCUBA classes. You'll learn:

  • How to present classroom training sessions
  • How to conduct pool training sessions
  • How to evaluate students in open water sessions
  • How to teach specialty courses
  • Risk management, marketing, and the PADI instructional system

The Assistant Instructor course is the first half of the Instructor Development Course. If you've been thinking about becoming an Instructor yourself, Email us for more information on designing an AI program to suit your needs and schedule!