MDS would like your input on possible new dive trips to see the viability


#1  Midwest Exploration







This would be a van trip for 5-6 divers.  We would trek across southern WI diving Red Granite Quarry, Devils Lake...possibly Wazee Quarry near Black River Falls ( and finish up at Pearl Lake.

           duration:    Fri morning departure return Mon evening Jun or Jul
           # dives:      6-7 dives
           exp. level:  open water
           estimated$  $450-$550
           no meals included


#2 Wreck Dive Lake Superior Munising MI







This is another van trip to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. About a 9-10 hour van ride.  We will make 2 Wreck dives on Sat & 2 Wrecks dives on Sun. Departure for home would be Mon morning

           duration:    Fri morning departure return Mon evening Aug 24-27
           # dives:      4 dives
           exp. level:  advanced open water
           estimated$  $495-$550
           no meals included




A Fall Trip Looking for Spring  Adventure


This trip would be a 5-6 day trip. Depending on what the group wanted we would fly to FL or drive the van.  The concept of the operation would be to enroll in the Cavern course (i.e a cavern is not a cave and you are never out of site of light nor more than 130 from the opening.) The trek across the panhandle of FL dive 4-5 fresh water springs making 6-7 dives. You will experience the back roads of Florida and dine at some unique restaurant.  

       duration:        6-7 days early to mid Oct
           # dives:      7-8 dives dives
           exp. level:  advanced open water
           estimated$  $795-895 if we drive
           PADI Cavern Specialty Certification
           no meals included


#4 Dive the Kelp Forests of Catalina Island CA

Always wanted to dive California?  This is a trip we have done 2 times.  It is one that non-divers enjoy as well as divers.  We fly to Orange County airport then Uber it to the ferry and onto Two Harbors Catalina. Accommodations are difficult and some rooms (staying at the Banning House) may have  3-5  people sleeping in the same room. We will make 4 dives in two days in the Kelp Forest move our base of operation back to Avalon with the option of making 2 more dives.  Due to availability of the rooms the trip will be most likely Mon-Fri.  If you are interested in this Adventure in late Sep or early Oct let us know and we will provide you with additional information


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