Specialty Courses

Focused fun, no exams, great diving.

Specialty courses are one of the best ways to get more out of diving. Whether it's polishing your buoyancy in Peak Performance Buoyancy, taking on a major adventure as an Ice Diver, extending your bottom time with Enriched Air Nitrox, or learning more about the aquatic environment we all love in Shark Conservation Diver, there's many specialties out there for you!

Even better, dive one of every specialty you take counts towards your Advanced Open Water Diver course. For an example, the Peak Performance Specialty course requires two dives. If you complete the Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty course, you already have one of the five dives needed for Advanced Open Water under your weight belt. 

The coveted Master Scuba Diver rating requires five specialties, so pick several courses that are interesting, or contact the store for a personalized program.

Each specialty course has its own requirements, such as minimum age to participate, required prerequisites, and number of dives, so check the course pages or call the store and we'll help you get started! 


Available Courses

Click on each course image for information about what that course offers, and what the requirements are!