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DAN First Aid Courses

DAN, or Divers Alert Network, is a worldwide provider of dive accident insurance, dive safety courses, and dive travel insurance. Midwest Diving offers the following DAN courses to help deepen your preparedness for dive emergencies and be a safer diver. These DAN courses are highly recommended as companion courses for the PADI Rescue Diver course (one of the steps to Master Scuba Diver).

To enroll in any of these courses, just call the shop or email us and we'll send you an invitation to enroll at Dan.diverselearning.com.  When you finish the class online you sign up for an evening in the shop where you will do the practical work and take your final exam.  Convient, easy and fun way to increase you SCUBA skills and knowledge!

As a diver you know that every year a SCUBA tank needs to be inspected for cracks and defects that creep in over time. Have you ever wondered how that happens? How can you see down into the bottom of a SCUBA tank? What does a defect even look like?

Find out by taking the PCI Visual Cylinder Inspector course with MDS. In an evening you'll explore the mysteries of the SCUBA tank and get hands-on practice inspecting the tanks you use every time you dive. 

                                 Next Class  Call for Dates, 2019

2 night class

To sign up for the next class, just call the shop or email us and we will sign you up!