Help the environment this summer and have the time of your life.

What are you doing this summer break? 

Are you making a difference?

For the first time ever, MDS is now offering a summer program to directly help the environment - by learning to clean up our underwater world, which makes up 70% of our planet.

We all know not to litter, because it's ugly and harms the environment for people, animals and plants. But what about trash that lands under the water? We don't see it, but it still can hurt underwater life such as fish and plants.

The PADI Dive Against Debris program lets you remove ugly debris from lakes and rivers while SCUBA diving and having a great time. The data you collect on how much trash you find is uploaded to a national database so that policy makers can document how important the underwater debris problem is.

This summer, MDS's unique Dive Against Debris program lets you participate in this important environmental program and learn to SCUBA dive at the same, for a discounted price just for this program.


take the challenge and Make a difference in the environment, have a great time, and have the best summer of your life!


Call MDS today to find out how YOU can stand up for the environment - and have a great time doing it. Just call (309) 452-0222 today and ask about the Summer Enviromental Challenge!

From the smallest bits of plastic, car batteries and appliances, to enormous fishing nets, "stuff" from our daily lives makes its way to the ocean by the ton every day. As Earth's growing population consumes more disposable goods, the items we discard, even thousands of miles inland, are choking our ocean planet.
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