Learn to Dive

Learning to SCUBA dive and getting SCUBA certified is one of the most rewarding activities you can do. SCUBA lets you explore the 70% of the Earth's surface that is water, lets you go to interesting destinations to dive both close at home and far away, and is the gateway to a lifelong adventure.

Here's how it works:


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Classroom portion is done online 

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Classroom or computer?

Learning to dive includes learning new facts and information about the aquatic environment and how your body reacts to it. There are two main options for this part. The choice is yours depending on your schedule and preferences:

  • Traditional classroom: Here you review chapters in the book with the instructor. This happens over 4 or 5 sessions, usually in the evenings. Great for people who need a little extra structure to complete the material.

  • eLearning: Self study at your own pace and schedule, with either a computer or a tablet. Perfect for anyone who is comfortable learning by themselves.


Click here and start eLearning for your SCUBA class today!

Click here and start eLearning for your SCUBA class today!

Pool sessions

SCUBA classes pool

The pool is where you learn the skills involved in SCUBA. You will have 4-5 evenings of getting comfortable with the equipment, learning fun skills, and doing real SCUBA dives in the pool. Pool sessions are usually scheduled after the classroom sessions to make it convenient for you.

PADI SCUBA certification

open water dives

You'll complete 4 dives in a local dive environment such as Haigh Quarry or Pearl Lake. You'll show off your skills you learned in the pool in the open water, and go on fun tours of the dive sites.




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