The tickets to the gun show are not going fast

The tickets to the gun show are not going fast

jeff stevenson


PADI assistant instructor #

Bill took his first Scuba lesson because his daughter Erin wanted someone to go with her. She needed the Open Water Certificate for her resume to work with Zoo animals. Bill was hooked the first moment he hit the water. From that moment on life became about the next dive. His passion was recognized and fueled by Carla, his wife of 29 years, his 2 children, MDS Instructors, divers and anyone who will listen to him ramble about the peace and relaxation of being under water.


Diving Timeline

  • January 18, 1965 — Born and started breathing Air (not Nitrox).

  • July 29, 2012 (wife’s Birthday) - Spent getting certified Open Water

  • Summer of 2012 — Spent Scuba diving at every opportunity with Tom “Harry” Herrell

  • 2013 — PADI Dive Master

  • 2014 — Open Water Instructor

  • 2016 — Master Scuba Diver Trainer


Favorite Dive Destination

20 feet under a body of water

Best Dive so far? Fresh Water Jelly fishing with my daughter, Erin in Chillicothe every September!


Fun Facts

  • Wife and I opened our successful business in 2001. I commute to work downstairs everyday since.

  • Ardent Bears fan and Packers hater

  • Love Lobster Diving BUT HATE EATING THEM!

  • Owner of original 1982 Checker Taxi....ask the story of how I got it for FREE!

  • Voted best looking instructor, only vote cast was Bill's (Carla politely abstained).

  • Voted man most wanted to be like and most women to run from.