Scuba Dick Smith - PADI Master Instructor

Richard Smith

aka "Scuba Dick"


PADI Master Instructor #8913

A scuba shop has always been the dream of Dick Smith, affectionately known as "Scuba Dick", since he made his first dive in a northern Minnesota lake in 1956. After finishing the Special Forces Underwater Operations Course his dream came to fruition when Scuba Dick, along with his wife Noreen, added a Scuba shop in the basement of WildCountry. Scuba Dick just made his 3000th dive in Raja Ampat, Indonesia on Jan 22, 2019. His passion for scuba and wanderlust for travel he has lead over 174 international trips form the Caribbean to the Pacific, Indian Ocean and the Red Sea. The travel section of Midwest Diving is a testimony to his undying thirst for tavel and Adventure!


Diving Timeline

  • 1956 - First dive - hooked!

  • 1978 - PADI Divemaster

  • 1981 - PADI Instructor


Favorite Dive Destination

Raja Ampat and anywhere MDS is going next!


Fun Facts

  • MS in Forestry - University of Illinois (OK, that didn't help a dive career much)

  • Ardent Packers fan

  • Author of several PADI Distinctive Specialties only available at MDS:

    • Golf Ball Diver

    • Fresh Water Jellyfish Diver

    • Underwater Metal Detector Diver

    • Spoonbill Diver

    • Gourmet Diver